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 by thequiltingpatch on 14 May 2017 |
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It seems the thought of attempting the mini EPP project is high on the list of "things I'll do when Ive lost my mind". Im here to tell you its not all that bad.
Once you've opened the packaging and had a little freak out about the size of the pieces, make a coffee ( probably NOT a wine) and gather your supplies.
You'll need some fabrics and a glue pen. ( I use the Sewline glue pen) 

If you are going to make the La Passacaglia Mini, the only pieces that are relatively easy to fussy cut are the largest pentagon and the 5 point star.
I know what tenacious quilters are like though, so I can't wait to see who takes up the challenge and fussy cuts all the smaller pieces now that I have almost said it cant be done. 

Separate all the pieces of your crazy puzzle, and place them with the scraps of fabric you are going to use. Ziplock bags are handy here. 
Start by putting a dab of glue of the wrong side of the fabric and stick each piece down, leaving a seam allowance around the edge of each piece.  

Give them a couple of minutes to dry. Have a sip of wine ( NO, I mean coffee )

Cut them out leaving a seam allowance around all three sides.

Swipe a line of glue along one of the seam allowances and then finger press it to the plastic edge quite firmly, making sure you get a good sharp line. 

Repeat the process with the other sides

By now you'll be having one of those " I think I can actually do this" moments. The little star tips ( or isosceles triangles) that you see pictured are the smallest and  fiddliest pieces in the La Passacaglia Mini Kit. If you can cover those with fabric then you've done the hardest part. 

Keep using the glue pen to cover the rest of your shapes. 

You can see they fit quite well. 

"But what about the sewing?" I hear your cry..
Well honestly I didn't do anything spectatularly different. I use a magnifying lamp to do handwork and that will help in this case, but it isnt essential. 

The enormous amount of satisfaction that comes from completing one of these little gems far outweighs the few fiddly sewing moments involved in its construction. 
And you can always look on the brightside - the seams are so much smaller that they take less time to sew!!!

I hope this helps and that you have fun sewing your mini. xx



Toni Stuart - Comment
Toni Stuart14 May 2017Reply
I cannot wait to start mine, just need to get the templates and ready to go. Great instructions Danni.....now to finish my job at hand and get into this one.
Chantell - Comment
Chantell14 May 2017Reply
You have inspired me Danni!
I'm unsure what fabrics I will use but I know just where I'll pop it when it's done..... yes.......a journal cover 😂
Lyn H - Comment
Lyn H16 May 2017Reply
Hi Danny
Thanks for the inspiration, I am currently working on a hexagon 3/4 purse and your tips have helped me immensely keep up the great work
Lyn H
Sharon Bramlett - Comment
Sharon Bramlett26 May 2017Reply
I ordered my minis on the 10th of May and watch everyday for them to arrive. My last quilt used 3/8" hexis and I loved working with them. Thanks for this blog.
Elizabeth Kenny - Comment
Elizabeth Kenny06 Feb 2018Reply
Thanks for the inspiration. I have sewn pieces this small before so I shouldn’t be so daunted.

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