2019 Block of the Month - Month 12

 by thequiltingpatch on 01 Dec 2019 |
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Who thought we would actually get here on time? Not me, thats for sure. With having spent the year being a quilt show carnie, I can honestly say its a miracle that we have arrived at December with Month 12's Block - the Black Eyed Susan.
I have always wondered as to the name ( which of course refers to the black flower centre) and hoped that Susan is just over-tired and sporting a few "bags", rather than she "walked into a door."

Regardless of whether our Susan is over worked or the victim of domestic violence, her viney beauty will take over your garden in no time at all, and in some areas she is considered a bit of a weed ( invasive species, sorry Susan)

Nonetheless, she makes a marvellous quilt block and a stunning end to our flower blocks for this BOM.
So here she is... Black Eyed Susan block

Here is the number guide and colour guide - 

I'm working on the border and construction notes this week and am planning on having them uploaded in time for the Christmas holidays so you can spend your turkey recovery time in your sewing rooms. 
Until next month
Danni xx


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