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The Storytellers Sampler Quilt - the Joy of Fussycutting

 by thequiltingpatch on 20 Jan 2020 |
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The story so far... Local quilter Cinzia White publishes an amazing book, The Storytellers Sampler Quilt. Eppiflex templates launches a Block of The Month called Telling Tales, featuring 60 upsized blocks from the book and I start sewing up blocks. Cinzia asks me to contribute to her quiltalong using blocks from the aforementioned book. I fall down the rabbithole of fussycutting. But let's talk about what this is really about... Addicted to sewing...addicted to fabric...addicted to starting new projects... and now addicted to fussycutting.  So what's the hype about fussycutting?  If you are already a creative soul and enjoying making pretty blocks by joining shapes together, fussy cutting is some next level crafty action. Do you remember those kaliedoscope toys we had as kids. I have no idea how they worked, they were just MAGIC. Who could get bored with the amazing patterns they made as you twisted and turned them. I was fascinated with them.                   "No you cant have a go yet, Im not finished" - I wasnt a good sharer being the youngest and most spoilt of my siblings. Ask my sister, she will back me up.  So fussycutting a beautiful fabric into an even more beautiful fabric block is a bit like making magic for me. Mirrors? Yeah nah. I know some people swear by them, but I don't want to know what it's going to look like. Why spoil the magic? That's like someone showing you a picture of the next kaliedoscope before you can twist the tube. Just let the magic happen. Embrace the unknown a little.  Waste of fabric?  This is what Cinzia says to me... but let's be honest we all have enough fabric to be a bit less frugal with it. I think quilters are the quintessential horders. Why else would we have so many memes about collecting fabric. Even the term stash says it all.  In fact in the current economic climate of a massive downturn in retail spending I think we all have a responsibilty to fussy cut more and support the shops before they disappear altogether.  So my little contribution to Cinzia's Quiltalong is "Blackberry Freedom" and it is English paper pieced. Thanks Cinzia for asking me to join in and for writing such a sensational book.  

2017 Block of the Month - December

 by thequiltingpatch on 29 Nov 2017 |
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Congratulations! You made it to the last block...  Below are the instrcutions for both Decembers block and the quilt construction. this months block is a called "Sawtooth 16 Patch" Here is the layout and cutting guide for the block A - 3 1/2" squares B - 7 1/4"  squares, cut twice on the diagonal C - 3 7/8"  square cut once on the diagonal D - 2" squares ( the quickest way to piece this is to cut 2" strips rather than individual squares - see below) Quilt Construction Arrange your blocks in their rows. You don't have to follow the original layout for the sampler blocks. You may find that dependant on your colour choices you need to move blocks around. My top tip for this job is to take a photo on a smart phone of your layout, then edit the photo to black and white. Straight away you will see if there are any places on your quilt with a build up of one tone (like a dark or light patch)  Sometimes this is just not obvious to the eye, but the camera lens never lies.  Once you are happy with your rows, sew them together using a 1/4" inch seam allowance. You can number them with little pieces of paper and pins if that helps - but again you could always refer to your phone.  Once your rows are made you are ready to join row to row. Dont forget to press your seams between rows, pressing to one side. Borders  ​DO NOT JUST SEW YOUR BORDERS ON AND TRIM OFF THE EXCESS - this is by far the worst habit I see in patchwork. I could rant on for ages about this one, but suffice to say that you havent just made precise blocks that you lovingly cut and pieced so that you could slap on borders that you havent measured at all. Just humour me on this one please. First border  is 4"  Measure the two side edges of your quilt with a quilters tape measure. Most likely there will be a small discrepancy. It is usually less than 1 inch. Take an average of the two measurements and cut your first border to this size.  eg   My two side edge measurements are 61 " and 61.5 ". If I add these together and then divide them by two, I get 61.25". Therefore I will cut my first two border pieces 61.25".  Attach the borders with a 1/4 inch seam. Press. Now repeat that step with the top and bottom borders, measuring, taking an average, cutting to that size and attaching. See!  Not that hard...  You have a beautiful flat border with no extra fabric in it, AND your quilt is now squared up.  Peeper border is cut at 1 1/2" Follow the instructions for the first border - you shouldn't have any discrepanicies now . If you do you need to address your seam allowances  - are you sewing nice and straight with both edges aligned? Second border is 6" Continue to follow the instructions for the first border, remembering to press in between.  WOOOHOOO, nearly done.  I'm going to use that age old instruction now ... Quilt as desired Binding Cut 9 strips of fabric WOF x 2 1/2" wide. Join on a 45 degree angle end to end. Press in half widthways, attach the raw edges of the binding to the front of you quilt, mitring the corners as you go.  Bring the folded edge to the back of your quilt and slipstitch in place.  I hope you have enjoyed making this quilt in 2017. I'm still pondering on one for 2018, but I can't make any promises. Our year looks to be a busy one with many quilt shows booked in already.  I would however love to have a display of the finished quilts, including a rolling didital display of the quilts made by the girls from the USA ( unless of course we can convince them to bring them over in person!) Please let me know when yours is all finished and we can look at a date. ( No Pressure!) happy quilting Danni xx  

2017 Block of the Month - November

 by thequiltingpatch on 27 Oct 2017 |
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Are we there yet?  Just one more block and we can start putting this quilt together. Have you began thinking about how you are going to quilt it yet? As you know I love free motion quilting, but on this one I'm a bit stuck. Thank goodness there are another 75 quilts on the go to keep me busy while I work it out! November's Block is called Strawberry Smoothie - although in my colourings, I'm thinking mango smoothie. I have always known this block as a type of Card trick - with the right colouring it can look very 3D. Here is the layout and cutting guide for the block A - 4 7/8" squares, cut once on the diagonal B - 5 1/4"  squares, cut twice on the diagonal C -  4 1/2"  square ( in either a colour OR a background fabric) Firstly make your quarter square triangle units and your half square triangle units   Put the half square traingle units ( on the left in my pic) to one side. Next use the quarter square unit ( on the right)  to make the finished quarter square blocks Trim off the dog ears on the corners. You now have all the units made to make up the block in three rows. Lay them out before you sew to make sure you dont flip anything around the wrong way. And that's it for another month. You'll be pleased to know life has settled down a bit. I'm going to update the makers album over the weekend, so keep an eye out for your blocks!  

2017 Block of the Month - September

 by thequiltingpatch on 26 Aug 2017 |
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Nearly there Folks! As you may have noticed I've been working down the block  layout of the original design as I have a number of ladies who are already starting to put their quilt rows together and are quilting it!! They are doing quilt-as-you-go, one of my favourite ways of tackling a larger quilt. I have given it much thought but have decided to quilt mine the traditonal way and put it all together first.  This months block is called "Girls favourite" - aptly named for the pretty icecream sunday colours I've used in the block. ( a complete coincidence I can assure you) Here is the layout and cutting guide for the block  A - 3 1/2 " squares  B - 4 1/4" squares, cut twice on the diagonal to yield 4 triangles C - 3 7/8"  squares, cut once on the diagonal to yield 2 triangles  D - 2 5/8" squares For this block we need to make the side units and the centre as two separate units, then join them together. Here is what the centre looks like. The easist way to achieve this is to make 4 half square triangles and sew them together.  Next we get to work on the side units. They begin like this - a D square with two Bs attached. Take care to get those B's sewn to the right edges. They're easy to muck up! Now we make the triangles that sit either edge of this unit. My top tip here is to lay it all out in piles next to the sewing machine so you cant pick up the wrong piece! Make the light/dark pink triangles first... Then sew then to one side of the base unit and press.  Finish the unit by sewing the last pink/red triangle to the opposite edge and press. Now you are ready to construct the block.  Follow the plan below to finish Girls Favourite.  I hope you are enjoying making the blocks - only three to go now!

2017 Block of the Month - May

 by thequiltingpatch on 03 May 2017 |
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It's well and truly cooling down here in Australia. May is here and there is a definite colour change going on all around us. My favourite colours are rusts, so I couldnt be happier.  Hopefully the cooler weather sees you all getting stuck into your sewing projects. This Months block is called Cross and Crown. Here is the key and rotary cutting instructions for this block..  Notice that I haven't numbered all the pieces? I have purposefully done this - my hope is that any of you who are beginners will by now be gaining an insight into how to "deconstruct" blocks and shouldn't need me to number every single section. So reading off the "map" of our block  A - 2 7/8 " Squares ( 4 background, 1 colour) B - 3 5/8" squares,  cut twice on the diagonal to yield 4 triangles ( 2 background, 2 colour) C - 5 1/4" x 2 7/8 " rectangles ( 4 background) D - 5 5/8" squares,  cut once on the diagonal to yield 2 triangles ( 2 in colour) Once you have all your cutting done, the first step in this block is to make the "BB" units that attach to the side of the corner A squares. Now I can't tell you how many times I have mucked up the sewing of this simple little block simply by sewing the wrong edge! So here is my trick.  Lay the pieces together for sewing and pin into the edge you are going to sew along. It seems like such a basic idea, but I can't rate it highly enough. Then when you pick the pieces up and sew you can't accidently turn them around and sew the wrong edge.  On this particular unit, sewing the wrong edge ( the long edge in this case) turns your finished unit into a half square triangle! Not what we want.  Instead we want these guys - and we need 4 of each colouring. ( 8 in total)  Congratulations-  you are now passed the trickiest part of this months block.  Next you grab an A square ( one of the background ones) and attach to one edge,  one of the triangle units we just made. Press the seam outward, trim any dog ears off. Now we use the second triangle block we made ( in the alternate colouring) and attach it to the adjacent edge  Ta Da!!! Ok the rest of this block is easy now. You simply attach the " D" HST units you cut in the very beginning to these newly made HST's. This creates the squares for the four corners. Throw in your sashings and a cornerstone an you have a block! As always yell out if you need help.  Until next month, Danni x  

2017 Block of the Month - February

 by thequiltingpatch on 29 Jan 2017 |
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February... This month's block is called Marmalade.. ( originally called Fools Square) Here is the key and rotary cutting instructions for this block..  A  -  2 7/8" square B -   3 1/4" square, cut once on the diagonal to yield 2 triangles Ok, so you may prefer to sew this together in units, but I find it easier to sew 5 patch blocks together in rows. That way I can iron my seams in opposite directions on each row and they line up well.  Have fun with Marmalade, I hope it is a nice little distraction from your other sewing this month. Dont forget Im right here if you get stuck or just want to say G'Day  xx  

2017 Block of the Month

 by thequiltingpatch on 25 Jan 2017 |
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Welcome! As an added extra for my regular attendees of 2017 at The Quilting Patch I have offered them a Block of The Month Quilt Project. It's a sampler quilt with an Irish chain feature to separate the blocks. Usually sampler quilts will have sashings in between the blocks to help frame each block, but I think you'll agree the Irish chain block, that is the alternate block in this quilt, does the same thing. It also makes the blocks appear as though they are set on point. This sampler would look great in any colour scheme you choose and I cant wait to see what you have come up with! Ill be posting some of the students blocks here too so you can see how they are going.  I have designed this quilt using EQ7.  So lets get into it! (The Quilt is 80" x 80", finished block size is 12", all seams are 1/4 inch) Fabric requirements... I designed this quilt to use scraps, fat quarters, etc. If you choose just 5 or 6 prints and a background, that will work too! The background will require around 4.5 m according to EQ7.  If you want to cut off the long borders first then cut off 2.1m of fabric  First border - cut 4" Second border - cut 6" Set these aside for later, you can now use the remaining background fabric in your blocks January... This month's block is called Key Lime Pie. Here is the key and rotary cutting instructions for this block..  A  -  2 1/2" x 4 1/2" B -   5 1/4" square cut twice on the diagonal to yield 4 triangles C - 2 1/2" square D - 4 1/2" square E - 4 7/8" square, cut once on the diagonal to yield 2 triangles How is it sewn together? If you look back at the Key picture youll notice the block is made up of 3 distinct units. I have numbered them in the layout below.  1. The centre square ( D from above) 2. Star points 3. Corner units Now here is where I'm going to make a big assumption that you can sew these units without too much instruction. BUT do let me know if you'd like a bit more advice or step by step photos. Please feel free to contact me and email me pics of your blocks!  
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